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Statement of Geoffrey Mathis

My name is Geoffrey Mathis. I became incarcerated at the age of 24 in March of 1987. Currently my age is 47 and I remain incarcerated, sentenced to 99 years.

This was my first experience at incarceration. It was a complete shock to me. During the years of March 1987 through February 1998, I struggled with addiction. Drugs were rather abundant. I felt alone and hopeless; angry at myself and my decision making.

It was in February 1998 that I came to terms with my addiction, acknowledged it and sought treatment. I began treatment September 1999 through May 2001 and I haven’t looked back; 22 years clean, write-up and violence free and focused on personal growth and rehabilitation.

I think what worked first and foremost was substance abuse treatment and my resolve to never use again. The faith program (TLC), Victims Imapact presented by victims from Arizona, Parents of Murdered Children Group, solidified my resolve to never harm another person, and C.O.Y.A., Concerned Offenders for Youth Awareness of which I was a speaker to several thousand high school students and youth probationers.

I saw the Parole Board on February 3, 2020 and was granted parole effective May 25, 2027, seven years beyond my 1/3 for a total of 40 years of incarceration period.

I went to the Parole Board with a very solid release plan, full of optimism and hope. I still am optimistic and hopeful for the future, the career path I plan to follow is construction, particularly “construction management”; a fall back profession is in the food service industry.

My heartache though is the age of my ready to hire me friend and employer who is 77 years old. My main support person is 73, my sister. In seven more years, will my opportunity still be there? I can only hope.

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