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Second Look Legislation - Why the need?

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Sabine Poux with KDLL regarding the need for second look legislation. This is a subject long overdue for discussion and resolution in the State of Alaska. I hope to further the dialogue this upcoming session.

In the meantime, you can check out the article/audio here:

So, why the need? Quite frankly it is the only way for some individuals to receive a meaningful opportunity for life outside of prison given the lengthy sentencing. With the current parole board practices, individuals are routinely being denied parole based on "the seriousness of the crime" a criteria that will never change, nor afford the individual to be eligible in the eyes of the current parole board no matter how much rehabilitation they demonstrate. The state of Alaska statutorily does not have LWOP for juveniles, but that does not stop the parole board from denying individuals parole effectively creating virtual life sentences and death by incarceration solely based on "the seriousness of the crime". Then their are some individuals with sentencing so lengthy, they would be seniors before even becoming eligible for their first review.

We are all greater than our worst act. If an individual has demonstrated sincere growth and change and has proven they are no longer a threat to public safety through their actions and accomplishments while in custody, they should be granted an opportunity for discretionary parole or a review at the very least.

Let's talk about it!

Angela Hall

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