Mail Should Not Be This Frustrating

This is the current AK DOC policy regarding mail.

Please someone tell me where in this policy it says you cannot sign the cards/mail from multiple family members i.e. mom & dad or have the children sign the card? Also, it does not say you CANNOT send cards.

This petty arbitrary practice of denying mail at the whim of whichever staff person at the various facilities is on duty has done nothing but further alienated family members to the point where many no longer want to send mail. We barely have any means of communication at this point, and at the most stressful time of year, these mailroom Grinches want to deny folks an opportunity to receive a communication from family members based on his/her petty interpretation of the policy. I challenge them to prove to me how these normal mailing practices are a security threat!

This unchecked practice of denying mail on a whim only adds more stress to an already overly stressed environment. Did I mention we haven't been able to physically SEE our loved ones in nine months [longer for most]?

Sometimes it feels like every staff person believes they are their own boss in these facilities, creating their own set of rules based on how THEY individually interpret the policy. Can we get some continuity of procedure here? We've only been asking for clarification for years now.

DOC Administration and staff, imagine if all family members suddenly decided to stop supporting their loved ones inside. Do you honestly think that would improve the work environment? Do you think it would be good for the community as a whole when folks return? No. Not it would not. So stop doing your best to push family members to their breaking point! Present clear and concise instructions so that families can follow them without the frustration of having their mail denied/returned for what can only be described as asinine reasons. That's right, denying mail because my 8 year old nephew signed the card is asinine and just one example.

The more positive family involvement, the better the odds our loved ones will make a successful transition upon release. Help keep families together instead of doing your best to rip them apart.

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