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It Doesn't Have To Be Us v Them

It is disheartening that any attempt to uplift and raise awareness about incarcerated persons is continually met with negativity, and the immediate response by AKDOC is to put up their wall of defense and spread rumor and false narratives. Why can't we work together to find solutions to what are obvious problems so that everyone benefits, instead of immediately labeling one side or the other as the enemy?

If AKDOC is so concerned about lawsuits, perhaps they should do better to the point where a lawsuit would never need to be an option. Lawsuits are expensive and a drain on resources that would be put to better use elsewhere.

There are many fine people working in corrections. I know because I've met them, and I've seen them at their very best. Good, honest, hardworking State employees, but even they acknowledge there is a level of toxicity in the workplace that is unacceptable, and a failure of leadership at times. This failure in leadership and flawed outdated policy has led to the death of more than one person in AKDOC custody, as well as increasing the risk of harm to State employees. Are we going to continue to simply ignore this?

Consider the fact that AKDOC is offering a 10k sign-on bonus and they STILL cannot get enough applicants to fill all of the open vacancies needed to meet safety recommendations.

Employee retention continues to plague the department. The State of Alaska cannot safely or productively sustain its current prison system. Change is necessary. Well thought out change based on evidence based recommendations rather than the usual knee-jerk reaction caused by fear mongering and false rhetoric.

Can we not ALL work together to improve the lives of both staff and residents? The entire State would benefit as a result.

You wouldn't allow us a seat at the table and now you're angry because we made our own table...sorry...not sorry.

Change is going to happen, with or without your approval.

Angela Hall - Advocate and fed up family member

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