HB 187 = Out of State Transfers for Lifers

If you have a loved one incarcerated in the State of Alaska and they are serving 99 years or more, please pay attention to the amendment that was attached to HB 187. It reads as follows: "Section 1. This section amends AS 33.30.031(a) to prevent the Department of Corrections from sending a prisoner out of state unless doing so would bring the prisoner closer to family, is necessary to medical care, is a resident of another state, or the prisoner has received an aggregate sentence of 99 years or more so long as they are not a parent with a child under 18 or their parental rights to those children have been terminated."

Please understand this means your loved ones can and most likely will be shipped out of state to alleviate the inevitable overcrowding at some point, to a private prison facility. Worse yet, there is nothing to say they will be housed with other Alaskans. They can farm these individuals out to various private facilities that have open bed space for them. I cannot even begin to tell you how detrimental this would be. There is no consideration in this language for spouses being separated or parents losing visitation with their incarcerated children, etc. Why is it acceptable to send those serving lengthy sentences to private facilities, when the actual bill was put in place to stop individuals from being sent out of state in the first place? It sends the message that those serving 99 years or more are unworthy of the same level of consideration as those serving less time. This tells me the legislature considers our loved ones as a disposable commodity.

There are approximately 400 individuals serving virtual life sentences in the State of Alaska. If your loved one falls into this category, they will be considered for out of state transfer under the language currently contained in HB187. Let members of the legislature know your feelings on this issue before it is too late and this bill passes with this unacceptable amendment attached to it. http://www.akleg.gov/basis/get_documents.asp…

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