Email Inquiry RE: Alternative Communication Plans

Angela Hall <>10:52 AM (0 minutes ago) to sarah.gallagher, nancy.dahlstrom, Jake.Wyckoff, Jeremy.Hough, kelly.howell Dear Ms. Gallagher: I am directing this inquiry to you, but please let me know if there is another individual at the Department of Corrections we should direct our inquiries to.  It is our understanding that suspension of visitation may be ongoing until a vaccine for COVID19 is available. With that being said, it may be some time before actual contact visitation resumes. Can you tell me if the administration is looking into alternative means of communication at this time i.e. video visitation, email, additional free calls?  We know the technology is available to facilities in the lower 48 and the concept has been mentioned by various staff members over the years. We are asking that the Department explore these avenues. If indeed we can expect suspension of visitation to continue throughout the year, we need alternative means of communicating with our loved ones.  Obviously it would be our hope to resume contact visitation once it is safe to do so, but in the meantime, families are struggling and communication is a key component to keeping families in tact during incarceration.  Thank you. Sincerely, Angela Hall

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