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Statement of Cordell R. Boyd in Support of SB114

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Dear Members,

I, Cordell R. Boyd, prayerfully urge the legislators to pass SB114.

This heinous crime I committed has exposed all that made me not love myself; now over time it has motivated me to take a long look at myself; it revealed a shameful ugliness that I refused to live with any longer. How did I start the change process? I first accepted all the responsibility for my selfish actions. This path to rehabilitate myself hasn’t been easy, in fact it has been incredibly challenging when it comes to self-actualization. The bible is the self-help book I depend on and have relied on. It expressed to me how one must die to rebirth oneself; due unto others as you want them to do unto you and love your brothers as you love yourself.

I have been born anew into the life of hope through Christ Jesus the Lord. I know who I am as a faith holder. I know what to expect of myself every day. I have taken all opportunities while incarcerated to improve myself through education, and spiritual content to become a productive member of society. I currently work in Goose Creek’s infirmary, where I have witnessed great struggles for life, and it has tapped into a well of compassion for the living. I no longer know 18-year-old with low self-esteem who was an irresponsible young man with no hope for the future. I hope through SB114 legislators will see that I am now a grown 55 year old man who has a fully developed mind with deep remorse for all those I have wronged, and that I clearly understand what my past issues were and how to deal with new issues that may arise. I have reached out to the victims' daughters through two separate mediations to attempt to amend my wrongs and by the grace of God, Sharon P. Nahorney embraced me for some semblance of closure.

The passage of this bill would restore a second chance to adolescents that went astray and consideration of those un-developed minds that made unthought out choices. I hope this will give Judges and the Parole Board a new tool to take a closer look at any changes they have made in reforming their behavior behind bars.

I know the severity of my crime will never change, but through faith, second chances, as El-Shaddai forgave the world, one can change the world.

Thank you.

Cordell R. Boyd

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