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Supporting Our Loved Ones Group provides peer support for families of persons incarcerated within the State of Alaska’s prison system in an effort to reduce stigmatization and feelings of isolation.

We also advocate for the fair and humane treatment of all Alaskans directly impacted by the criminal justice system.


 That all families receive the tools and resources needed to prosper during and after incarceration of a family member.

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Family Peer Support

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we host weekly virtual support group meetings to discourage self-isolation and provide an opportunity for our members to engage with their peers who are similarly impacted by incarceration.


We are dedicated to advocating for family members and our incarcerated loved ones because we know change can only occur when we take a stand for what is just and equitable for all.

Community Outreach

We understand the importance of engaging with community members to promote the de-stigmatization of family members and formerly incarcerated individuals returning to their communities.

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